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Oneistox for Professionals

BIM Professional Course - Cohort 1

Application closes in 0 days
Releasing Sept'21

UI/UX Professional Course-Cohort 1

Releasing Sept'21

Computational Design and Construction-Cohort 1

Releasing Oct'21

Construction and Project Management-Cohort 1

Releasing Nov'21

Sustainable Design- Cohort 1

Releasing Nov'21

Urban Design-Cohort 1

Oneistox for Students

Curriculum designed to make you build extraordinary portfolio, master interviews and make a mark at your first job or even your juries.

Rhino and Grasshopper 101- Cohort 6

Application opens in 15 days
Releasing Oct'21

Revit and Plugins 101- Cohort 1

What makes us unique?

Live and Community Driven

We know learning online can get a little lonely. Each cohort has like minded designers just like you, from diverse backgrounds and cities.

Project Based Outcomes

We create courses with the aim of adding amazing projects to your portfolio. Every learner gets to apply and test their skills through unique projects with every course.

Career Growth and Guidance

No one talks about career growth at Design Schools. We want to change that. We don't just teach you the skill , but help you to network, get exposed to the right experts and then guide you to get the career you want!

Work on Real-Life Projects and make your CV stand out.

What we offer

At the heart of Oneistox is our friendly tribe of 1000+ designers and architects from around the world.

Meet our Tribe from around the world

Learn how designers from around the world enjoyed upskilling online with Oneistox.


Msc student at Joseph Ayo Babalola University


MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings, Cardiff University


Masters Student at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade


Architecture Student and Artist, Montreal,Canada


Masters student, ESTAM Madrid,Spain

Ayya Permataseri

MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings, Cardiff University,United Kingdom

Oneistox literally made learning easier for me. I've been watching tutorials but nothing compares to the hands-on learning experience they’re offering.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, March Cohort'21

Faysal Khan

Practicing Architect, Pakistan

I am really thankful to Oneistox team. They have one of the well defined, well structured and to the point content. Best thing is that they teach you the concepts that can be easily recalled. This will stay with me for life-time.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, May Cohort'21

Mahaveer Bothra

Architect at Acube Architects, India

I have done 3-4 courses with Oneistox and my experience is always been great. Since learning new things from Oneistox is always eye opening.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, Feb Cohort'21

Alab Adviento

Co Founder/ Directo Aisect Architectural Visualization

It is kind of unfair for other companies as Oneistox has such a high standard of learning and it is so engaging here. Oneistox made it really easy for me to understand and learn in practical way.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, March Cohort'21

Bhavay Malhotra

4th Year Architecture Student, New Delhi India

Oneistox lies in the goldilocks zone of learning. In contract to architecture and design school, the environment here was constructive complimented by the right amount of examples and concepts to practice, learn and apply.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, March Cohort'21

Ashfaq Salahudeen

Architect at Hong Kong Hydai Architects Ltd.

The course has been organized very well in terms of content and quick assistance. The knowledge gained through follow-along examples and then the anchor project has been truly impactful. Well done! :)

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, Feb Cohort'21

Una Korica

Masters Student at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

It only took 1 live session to realise I am in the right place due to the Oneistox team who is welcoming & attentive as well as the individuals from all over the world in the cohort - the international Spirit was truly wonderful!

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, Feb Cohort'21

Marvit Ahanonu

Architecture Student and Artist, Montreal,Canada

The courses are very customer centric. I learnt how to decode my design in parametric forms and express myself better in the architecture and design world! This gave me an upper edge in the workforce as well as to build portfolio!

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, Feb Cohort'21

Dinesh Kumar

Fashion Design working on wearable art at RIM Theatre, India

I really love the way the classes have been arranged. The reply for questions and message was instant - That's the best part! I wasn't expecting so much out of the course.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, May Cohort'21

Himanshu Agrawal

Architecture Student, India

When I was registered for the course, I didn't think so much guiding and mentoring will be done through the course! I am very impressed! So thank you guys!

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, Feb Cohort'21

Ayaan Abaas

Architecture Student at Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Delhi

I got exposure of each topic which had been wanting to know, in a very interesting way by highly qualified mentors.

Review of Terrametric Design Offline Workshop


Architecture Student at School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

Oneistox was recommended by my seniors and it was a very trusted source for me to learn. The course was well structured and everything could be understood very well. The entire experience is very friendly - It was a two way interaction always.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, May Cohort'21


Project Architect at Shilp Shala, Gurgoan

Many of my friends suggested me to join the course at Oneistox. I think Oneistox is a great platform to learn! I was pushed to design creatively not just learn the software. I even gained friends and exchanged ideas.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101, May Cohort'21


Masters student, ESTAM Madrid,Spain

I am really glad that I joined this course! Oneistox team gives input all the time and show a lot of interest in how we all our progressing personally- That makes the difference!

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101,March Cohort'21

Naima Siddiqui

Chief Architect at Geometries,Pakistan

The Course was amazing and taught much in very less time. Basically the concepts were very clear. Thank you Vipanchi, Kanwaljeet and Chaithanya for your support and guidance all the way!

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101,May Cohort'21


Msc student at Joseph Ayo Babalola University

Oneistox team is very wonderful. They did a good job setting a foundation for me. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting of the journey in parametric and I look forward in learning more from Oneistox.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101,May Cohort'21

Siri Vodela

Co-Founder of Favo Construction Technologies, Chennai, India

My favourite part is where each design is decoded on the white board. The conceptual learning is the best part of this course. I also want to thank the Oneistox Team for being very supportive throughout.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101,March Cohort'21

Marilou Kreidy

Junior Architect, ARK Design and Consultancy Services, Lebanon

What I enjoyed most about the course is connecting with my batch mates, across the world. I would definitely recommend Oneistox courses to anyone looking to learn new tools and techniques.

Review of Rhino and Grasshopper 101,March Cohort'21


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Our alumni are dotted around the world and our 2000+ tribe designers are in 27+ countries.



The main goal of our courses is to ensure designers learn-by-doing and have a bunch of fun in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Its good to be curious. We love it here at Oneistox. So, we compiled few questions we usually get asked

It's a mix of both! You will get recorded modules with practice files every week, that you can complete at your own pace. On Saturdays (1PM GMT to 2.30 PM GMT tentative timing) you will have live classes that comprises of live challenges, personal mentorship, Query resolution and lectures
Yes, we have zero-cost EMI options. If you are an Indian National, you can choose 6-month EMI of ₹20,000 per month or 12-month EMI of ₹10,000 per month, after the down payment of ₹23,000. If you are a foreign national, you can choose a 6-month EMI of USD 200 per month, after the down payment of $800.
Once you submit the application, our team will personally contact you to know more about your background and understand if you are the right fit for the course and vice versa. After the review, if you are selected, you will have 7 days to confirm your enrollment and deposit the down-payment.
Don't worry! In case you are not selected, it only means that it is not the right fit for you at the current time. However, we will still keep your profile in our database, and we encourage you to apply for the upcoming cohorts and courses that are better suited for your background.
Yes absolutely! We understand you might not have the software, and our technical support team will guide you through the process to ensure you are fully equipped before the course.
Course fee doesn't include the paid version of the software, however we do provide assistance to make sure you get access to student versions or trial versions before the course starts.
No, you do not need any prerequisite knowledge of BIM or the tools covered. We will be covering those in a beginner-friendly way. However, this course is designed for professionals or students in their final year of graduation, so a basic understanding of construction methods and materials would be ideal.
The course content will be delivered in English.
The course is designed to take you from a BIM Beginner to a BIM Expert. This comprehensive 24-week course covers the basics of BIM, followed by specializations for architects, civil and structural engineers, along with a collaborative capstone project.
Oneistox is always there to guide you along the way. You will be assigned a Learning Coordinator whom you can contact for any query along the way!
We have a 24x7 query resolution service. You are just a message away whenever you are stuck while learning something complex.

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