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If you build or create, you are a designer.

What we do

Oneistox is the upskilling ecosystem for the design community, making learners get equipped with the required technical skills and critical thinking.

We do this by creating online courses for designers to upskill at every stage of their career, by teaching relevant skills that get designers better professional growth and by building a community of designers that can help each other be infinite learners.

How it all started...

2018, we were all out of college excited to start our journey as designers and architects. Our grad school had very effectively taught us design processes, but skipped how the execution happens for a project. At our first job we realized, the idea is 5% and execution is 95% of a project. Moreover, we had no idea how one understands and deals with money as a freelancer, consultant or job seeker in this capitalistic world.

This shared empathy for the problem sparked ambition in us to make design and architecture education more skill, career and community driven. A space where we create a positive sum community for career guidance and skill development.

2500 designers from 27 countries have taken matters into their own hands by becoming a part of Oneistox.

However, we still have a lot to do.

3,000,000 designers graduate from 195 countries every year. 800,000 engineering graduates aspire and take their first step to be a designer every year. All of them want a space where their problems can be addressed and shared.

This is what fuels our mission to make quality education in design and architecture accessible to all.

When you back the creative genius of today’s date, let them do what they love doing and how they love doing it, you make a better world for everyone.

What we are working towards

Transforming Careers

Our goal is to upskill & transform careers of 3M+ Designers graduating each year.

Building Tech for Design

Our team is focused on building tech backed systems meant to learn design through two way interaction and feedback-unique to design.

Quality Education

At the heart of our platform is the content. The quality of the education we deliver is our North metric as a company.


How you can be a part of this?

Social Learning for Designers.

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