15 Architecture Firms in India You Must Check Out for Your Internship (2022)

Neha Sharma

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September 26

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It can be a real task to find an architecture firm for an internship in India for several reasons. The country has an abundance of architectural practices to choose from, some generations old, and some fairly young - each one bringing a unique flavour to their projects, driven by personal motivations and philosophies. Here, we take you through a curated list of 15 architecture firms in India to help you decide which ones to target for your internship.

What you need to know before applying for an architecture Internship

Applying for an architecture internship is often confusing. Each architecture firm is unique in its design philosophy, values, design expertise, and work culture. So how does one even begin to shortlist the firms they want to work with?

Well, the answer lies within you (yes, we pride ourselves on that Master Oogway reference).

What we mean is that the type of architecture firms you should apply to for your internship depends on your interests, career goals, creative inclinations, and how you wish to refine your architectural style. Design is a very personal process, as each person brings their own nuance to a project.

An architecture internship will typically be your first workplace experience. However, do not enter an internship expecting to make money. Instead, expect to learn, explore, and realise your strengths as a designer. Well, this isn’t to say that you should do an unpaid internship. Lack of compensation is a huge red flag in an architecture firm, so run away from such firms as fast as you can! You could go for one that at the very least pays you the industry standard but definitely aim for something higher.

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How have we shortlisted these architecture firms in India?

India is home to architectural practices that are generations old, considering that we’re a land that respects tradition immensely and perpetuates vernacular construction practices. However, India also hasn’t eluded itself from the tech race. Deep-rooted values, environment-friendly practices, and innovative, tech-first solutions are the factors taken into account while shortlisting the best architecture firms for an internship in India. This is because the future of architecture lies in utilising technology to facilitate better living conditions.

The firms listed in this blog are highly accomplished in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry in India, foster an environment of learning and growth for architecture students, and encourage fresh perspectives that can align with their overall design philosophies.

Top Architecture Firms in India for an Internship

1. Morphogenesis

Founders: Sonali and Manit Rastogi

Location: New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru

The Lodsi Community Project for Forest Essentials at Rishikesh (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Morphogenesis is a multiple award-winning architecture and urban design firm in India. Their copyrighted design process SOUL - of making spaces sustainable, optimised, unique and livable is what sets them apart.

The firm has also bagged a lot of firsts for India – the first Indian firm to receive the Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award, the first Indian firm to get featured in Images’ Master Architect Series, and the only architecture firm in the WA100 list to have successfully closed the gender pay gap (50% women employees across all levels, all the way up to the founding team!). The firm is also going fully digital now with the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for all its projects.

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2. Karan Grover and Associates

Founders: Karan Grover

Location: Vadodara

Alembic Industrial Heritage & Redevelopment - an adaptive reuse cultural centre at Vadodara, Gujarat (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Karan Grover and Associates is a fairly young practice in India that specialises in architecture, planning, and interior and environmental designs. The firm’s major efforts go into reinterpreting traditional Indian architecture, extracting its fundamentals and essence, and giving it a contemporary (sometimes even futuristic) appearance. This design philosophy reflects in all their projects, passed down from the founder who is keen on social entrepreneurship and constantly pushes students and young architects towards conservation architecture.

Among the green buildings worldwide, the ones shaped by KGA are widely recognised and honoured. The firm has won the 2004 US GBC Platinum award for the greenest building in the world (CII - Shorabji Godrej Green Business Centre) and the 2008 US GBC Gold award for the greenest factory in the world (Keendian Diamond Factory). The firm’s partners and associates include reputed organisations, including one of the best sustainable development organisations in India - TERI, which works for energy and water conservation.

3. Biome Environmental Solutions

Founders: Chitra Vishwanath & Rainwater Club

Location: Bengaluru

My First School - a kindergarten to class 12th school in Thiruvanmalai, Tamil Nadu (Source: www.archdaily.com)

All the architects and architecture students in India are well aware of Biome Environment Solutions. Founded by Ar. Chitra Vishwanath (one of the best architects in India) in a merger with Rainwater Club, this AEC firm offers holistic ‘building solutions’ to its clients, i.e. solutions built on ecological principles, energy efficient methods and effective land-use planning, which is clearly seen in all their projects. The unique combination of each co-founder’s specialisation (environmental design and water management) has so far managed to work in favour of clients’ wishes and well as the environment. They additionally work with hyper-specialist designers and technologists to achieve the best results.

Biome is also at the forefront of spreading awareness about sustainable building practices throughout the country, and they are making it happen through the Biome Environmental Trust, which offers training, education and workshops on sustainability.

There is a lot to be learnt about sound ecological design from Biome Environmental Solutions.

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4. Sanjay Puri Architects

Founders: Sanjay Puri

Location: Mumbai

Aira hotel, Nashik (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Sanjay Puri is one of the most influential architects not only in India but also worldwide. He is listed among the top 100 architects worldwide by Archdaily. During his formative years, the founder worked extensively with Hafeez Contractor before establishing Sanjay Puri Architects. The firm is one of the most commercial architecture firms in India today and sometimes faces a great deal of criticism for it. However, there’s no denying that the firm has always stayed ahead of emerging trends and technologies in design and architecture. Considering the general resistance of Indian architecture practices to technological integration, this quality of SPA is something to look up to.

The firm’s philosophy lies in creating spaces that engage people, encourage social interactions, and respond to the context. Fancy a fast-paced, tech-savvy work environment? You may want to shoot your shot here!

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5. CP Kukreja Architects

Founders: CP Kukreja

Location: New Delhi

Finland Embassy, New Delhi (Source: CP Kukreja Architects)

CP Kukreja Architects is a 50-year-old architecture practice in India and is among the top 100 architecture firms worldwide according to the International Union of Architects (UIA). Their projects are dotted across 30+ countries and have a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. One of their recent designs – the India Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 – represented India’s past, present and future rendered digitally. The firm also bagged the Central Vista Redevelopment Project in New Delhi though the project itself has been heavily opposed by environmentalists and conservationists.

Digital innovation with BIM is at the forefront of this large architecture firm in India. With its diverse project portfolio, employee strength, and shift to digital innovation, CP Kukreja Architects may be the fit for you if you’re keen on building a career in BIM and sustainable building design.

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6. Creative Group

Founders: Chiranjit Singh Shah

Location: New Delhi

Visualisation of GEMS School, Kochi (Source: www.architectmagazine.com)

Creative Group is recognised internationally for their projects that respond to ecology and geography with heavy attention to waste reduction. The firm values the use of coming-of-age technology in its mission to espouse 21st-century design and building philosophies. Having undertaken several infrastructure projects since its inception in 1973, it specialises in the design and construction of airports, intermodal hubs, planning of net-zero cities and townships, and sustainable housing. It has also designed the first smart school in Kochi (GEMS School).

If designing for the public by leveraging technology is what you wish to be skilled at, consider joining this group of creatives!

7. Khosla Associates

Founders: Sandeep Khosla

Location: Bengaluru

Nagalingam Veedu Residence, Chennai (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Khosla Associates is an architecture and interior design firm that has received numerous awards for its environment-sensitive tropical architecture. They have won international awards, especially in the educational and hospitality categories and have a diverse clientele from individual school owners to companies like The Park Hotels, Nike and MTV. Their design concepts often fuse local building materials with a contemporary design sensibility, and draw inspiration time and again from global/local fashion, lifestyle and design trends.

Some of the themes that make their projects stand out are nostalgia-mixed drama and romance. If such themes in architecture and design excite you, this is the place to be!

8. Studio Lotus

Founders: Ambrish Aurora, Siddhartha Talwar and Ankur Choksi

Location: New Delhi

RAAS Chhatrasagar Hotel, Pali, India (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Studio Lotus follows the principles of conscious design, attention to detail and inclusivity. Like many leading firms, they have made it a norm to employ global technologies to shape their projects. With an exhaustive list of projects and awards in master planning, architecture and interior design, it values innovation, learning, design empowerment and honouring relationships.

The use of local resources, attention to detail and involvement of the user form the core of the firm’s design process. They also look at sustainability through multiple lenses and combine local skills with technology to achieve the best possible results for their clients. Their portfolio consists of projects of varying scale - from master planning to interior designing.

9. The Purple Ink Studio

Founders: Aditi Pai, Akshay Heranjal

Location: Bengaluru

L’atelier at Greenwood High School, Bengaluru (Source: www.archdaily.com)

“Young, experimental and ambitious” is what the team of The Purple Ink Studio believes itself to be. It has received several awards in just a decade of its existence. Every project is seen through, from start to finish, by a close-knit team of designers. Their projects reflect the blending of a building with the surrounding landscape, dictated by their philosophy that the two cannot be looked at independently. The Studio believes that one cannot design a form in isolation of its context and surroundings. Their aim is also to enhance the existing surroundings via conscious design interventions. This constant attempt to find a balance between natural and manmade forms is what makes them a popular landscape architecture firm in India.

If you are keen on pursuing landscape architecture later in your career, consider interning with these purple-inked folks!

10. Anupama Kundoo Architects

Founders: Anupama Kundoo

Location: Auroville

Town Hall Complex, Auroville, India (Source: www.dezeen.com)

Anupama Kundoo is one of the most celebrated female architects in India. Her architecture practice revolves around human stories, the craft of building and dedication to creativity. Her design process involves doing more with less, and considering the current climate crisis and resource scarcity and extinction, more builders should consider following in her footsteps. Her projects showcase a simplicity in material use, and purpose in the space and structure, backed by solid research in building materials, construction techniques and socio-economic architecture. She also conducts workshops and events to propagate this knowledge further.

Her practice is one of the most popular and respected ones in Auroville - a place that is known for unconventional living and experimental building practices. Consider an internship with her if you’re planning to explore this quirky town!

11. Auroville Design Consultants

Founders: Suhasini Ayer

Location: Auroville

Humanscapes Habitat Urban Living, Auroville (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Here’s another renowned architecture firm from Auroville, led by yet another celebrated female architect in India. Auroville Design Consultants is one of the first architecture practices in Auroville. Their designs encompass simple, bold and basic shapes, constantly trying to strike a harmony between built and open spaces. This can be seen in one of their most popular (and visited) projects – the Auroville Visitors’ Centre. The practice has also birthed the Auroville Centre for Scientific Research, which is dedicated to investigating and experimenting with appropriate building materials and technologies, water management, renewable energy, sustainability and urban planning. This research is then published and used in projects that are inclined towards social progress and education.

If simplicity of form and material is your thing, and you also have a keenness to help the environment and society, this may be the right place for you to intern at. Accommodation options are also provided for the interns here once selected.

12. ZED (Zero Energy Design Lab)

Founders: Sachin Rastogi

Location: New Delhi

House Under Shadows, Karnal, India (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Zero Energy Design Lab is on our list for the fact that they specialise in something the world urgently needs - energy efficiency and sustainability. They have been specialising in net-zero energy building since 2009 and have won various awards for it. Their design process lies in the innate understanding of age-old bioclimatic wisdom drawn from Indian vernacular architecture and its contextualisation for the times we live in with the aid of the best tools at hand. They extensively use cutting-edge technology, computational tools, climate analyses and simulation tools for form-finding and delivering long-lasting and resilient solutions.

Wish to focus your career on sustainable building design? Interning with this architecture firm in India could be a great start!

13. Spasm Design Architects

Founders: Sangeeta Merchant & Sanjeev Punjabi

Location: Mumbai

Weekend House in Alibaug, Khopoli, Maharashtra (Source: Pinterest)

Spasm Design Architects is a research and innovation-based studio that focuses on bespoke, user-friendly projects. They believe that all designs have a transformative power that can potentially change the life of the user for the better. Their signature style is the use of locally available materials infused with concrete (their star material) for strength. One of their projects, the Khopoli House was also featured in the popular Netflix show, World’s Most Beautiful Homes!

Their practice is based on the honesty, relevance, and sensibility of design. They believe in integrating simplicity and inclusivity in their projects as well as a sense of belongingness to spaces. If your personal design style is simple, bold and humane, this could be the right place for you!

14. NUDES Design Studio

Founders: Nuru Karim

Location: Mumbai

BookWorm Pavilion, Mumbai (Source: www.dezeen.com)

Nuru Karim, the founder of NUDES, worked for a few years with Zaha Hadid Architects before setting up his own design practice in Mumbai, India. His works reflect his interest in free-flowing, organic forms (which is predominantly seen in the works of Zaha Hadid as well). These free-flowing forms and spaces are made possible with computational design tools, particularly with the parametric modelling process (you gotta check out his Instagram account!).

His design philosophy is all about inspiring people by creating playful, experiential spaces that are shaped by old-fashioned problem-solving with new-age tools. The revolution that ZHA brought to the world of architecture is now being furthered by NUDES in the Indian architecture, art and design world, making him one of the best architects in India.

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15. Abin Design Studio

Founders: Abin Chaudhari

Location: Kolkata

Bonochhaya Experience Centre, Santiniketan, India (Source: www.archdaily.com)

Abin Design Studio, founded in 2005, already has a lengthy record of awards and publications. They try to move beyond the utilitarian aspect of architecture and bring in as much art/expression/soul to their projects as possible. For this very reason, projects speak to the user on a personal level. The founder, Abin Chaudhari, who was listed among the 100 Most Influential Architects & Designers in India 2020 by AD, thinks of design as a process of finding cohesion in the world and has been attempting to find this cohesion along with his team one project at a time.

Themes like art, sculpture, materials, et cetera take centre stage in their projects. If you belong to the more artsy side of architecture and wish to decode the intangible, you’ve found a place to go!

That brings us to the end of this list! Here’s another list of a few more architecture firms in India that we couldn’t cover in detail, but you can definitely consider them for your architecture internship.

RMA Architects (Mumbai)

Footprints E.A.R.T.H (Ahmedabad)

Mosaic Design (Goa)

Prashant Pradhan Architects (Gangtok)

F+S Designs (Hyderabad)

Shirish Beri and Associates (Kolhapur)

Stapati (Kochi, Calicut, Bengaluru)

Shilpa Architects (Chennai)

Need more guidance on architecture internships or even your architecture thesis project? Head to our free Resources.

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