Top 7 Rhino and Grasshopper Online Courses to Get Started with Parametric Modelling

Thet Hnin Su Aung

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September 07

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Rhino 3D courses have been around for years, perhaps as long as the software existed, but it’s in these later years that they have become online, allowing anyone interested all around the world to join in. Year on year, the interest in parametric modelling grows, so does the interest in Rhino 3D, after all, it is considered one of the prime parametric modelling software used today.

Why should you join a course in Rhino 3D?

Of course, you can learn on your own with tips and tricks on the internet but would you say it is effective? You might say yes as many others have done the same. But we can’t deny that it takes ages to master a software or a methodology that way. There is no support and you won’t even know whether what you have been learning is correct or not.

Joining a course will help you gain knowledge and improve your skills in a systematic manner as courses tend to be planned out from easiest to most advanced. Compared to watching recorded tutorials, live classes are more effective since there is a mentor who can guide and advise you immediately. Plus you will be learning together with others so everyone can learn from each other!

If you have been wishing to learn parametric modelling, we have you covered with this list of 7 online Rhino 3D courses for parametric modelling.

7 Rhino 3D and Grasshopper Online Courses


Computational Design Course by (Source:

An online course platform by Rhino 3D, it offers courses on computational design, GhPyhton, RhinoCAM, in addition to Rhino and Grasshopper. While there are individual courses on both Rhino 3D and Grasshopper, the Computational Design course teaches concepts and features of Grasshopper in Rhino 3D. The learners will explore tools in Grasshopper, creating forms, together with their relationship to Rhino. As it is also necessary to understand and apply parametric thinking, the course will train learners to apply such an approach for better design workflows. The computational design with Grasshopper course consists of 14 modules, all in recorded sessions, and a certificate is given at the end of the course.

2. PAAcademy

Waves in motion model (Source:

PAAcademy by Parametric Architecture opens courses, workshops and online interactive conferences in computational design and its subsets. Its well-known Computational Design: Next series is a two-day online conference attended by different design professionals. It is not an ordinary course; as a conference, it includes several workshops, presentations and panel discussions over 18 hours in two days. The main software used are Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper, along with an additional tool for every conference.

3. Atelier Rhino Training HK

This is an Authorised Rhino Training Centre recognised by Rhino 3D page. Course on Rhino 3D is offered in Levels 1 and 2. Level 1 focuses on familiarity with the software, tasks include creating and editing geometry in Rhino 3D, 3D modelling and rendering. In Level 2, more advantageous workflows are explored. The learners will explore NURBS, meshing, surface analysis and more. These classes are available in person or in real-time online classes.

At the end of each course, an official certificate of completion from Mcneel Asia will be issued to successful students.

4. ThinkParametric

ThinkParametric’s course library has diverse software courses and certifications. Among them, the Rhino 3D certification course explores workflows in the software from simple to advanced use. The course is suitable for someone with no prior knowledge of 3D modelling in Rhino 3D. In recorded tutorials, the certification consists of three modules; the first module is for getting familiarised with the software, the second module is to work on a modelling exercise and the third is to learn more advanced workflows in Rhino 3D.

5. SimplyRhino

Parametric facade (Source:

SimplyRhino is a well-known site when it comes to information and training on Rhino software. Similar to ART HK, SimplyRhino provides Rhino training on two levels. Both courses are delivered in live sessions. In Level 1, the learners will explore modelling in Rhino including NURBS and advanced surfacing and solids. Level 2 explores more advanced modelling techniques and workflows such as modelling terrain and stadiums.

The courses are 3.5 hours long with 6 sessions for one course. Each course has two options: Jewellry design and architecture and engineering. Grasshopper course is also offered in similar manner - in two levels - but no additional options.

6. How to Rhino

How to Rhino, also available on Youtube, is run by Dusan Cvetkovic and Lazar Djuric who are both architects. Their Rhino for Architects course claims to teach Rhino and Grasshopper as quickly as possible for the best modelling potential for architects. In addition to parametric modelling, it also explores BIM in Rhino with VisualARQ and rendering with Vray. The course is delivered in online tutorial videos from core principles of both software to advanced levels. The full package includes Rhino Essentials, Rhino Organic and Animations and Grasshopper Essentials. There are 9 modules in total with assignments and additional resources. Once enrolled, a student gets unlimited access to the course.

Frondosa Waterfront Hotel and Casino by Alab Adviento (Source:

Are you already aware of our very own Parametric Modelling Course? If you are, well done! If you are not, here is your chance to learn more about it.

Our Parametric Modelling Course exposes the learners to not only parametric modelling techniques but also design thinking. It is suitable for beginners too as the course teaches both Rhino 3D and Grasshopper from scratch. It takes 13 weeks of part-time study, all online, to complete the course and master parametric modelling. Once enrolled, a learner will have lifelong access to the content.

As the course is delivered in both live and recorded formats, the learners will also get to interact with the mentor for personalised support and with each other for community learning. Yes, the learners will learn directly from the mentor, who is an industry expert in computational design, as if it is a face-to-face class.

[On the other hand, if you are looking for BIM courses, you can check out our blog on Top 7 Places to Learn BIM.]

Now that you know where to learn, what are you waiting for? Learn the workflows of parametric design, visualize, and create stunning presentations for your portfolio with Oneistox’s Parametric Modelling Course.

You can also read more interesting blogs on parametric modelling on our Resources page as a starting point!

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