8 Best Sustainable Architecture Firms in Bengaluru You Must Check Out (2022)

Neha Sharma

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September 29

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Among the many renowned sustainable architecture firms in India , quite a few interesting ones are located in the ‘green city’ - Bengaluru. The Silicon Valley of India is primarily popular for its tremendous growth in the Information Technology field. It has also managed to garner enough attention for green architecture practices and eco-friendly lifestyle initiatives. Needless to say, it has become a promising destination for aspiring architects who wish to build a career in sustainable building design .

Ready to shape the future of architecture with sustainable building design? Read through this list of 8 sustainable architecture firms in Bengaluru for your career growth.

1. Made In Earth

Rana House in Thiruvanmalai (Source: ArchDaily)

Founded by four young individuals - Shruthi Ramakrishna, Ajinkya Unhale, Jeremie Gaudin and Agnimitra Bachi - who followed varying academic and professional paths, Made in Earth has quickly become one of the sustainable architecture firms in Bengaluru that young designers and architects look up to. Their design philosophy of bringing the built environment, nature and people together through the sensitive use of sustainable building materials, mainly clay and lime, showcases their love for the earth.

Beautiful residences, restaurants, college campuses, and office spaces spread across Southern India make up their portfolio. Wish to work and grow with a team of young innovators whose values align with yours? Look no further!

2.Biome Environmental Solutions

Action for Social Advancement - Head Office, Bhopal (Source: ArchDaily)

Formed by a merger between Chitra Vishwanath Architects and Rainwater club, Biome Environmental Solutions is an interdisciplinary consultation firm that offers eco-sensitive design solutions, keeping in mind the client’s interest and the greater interest of the environment. This sustainable architecture firm in Bengaluru has a diverse set of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) professionals in its team and does not refrain from consulting hyperspecialist architects/designers/engineers if the project demands it. Overall the firm’s strength lies in combining the eco-sensitive design approach of Chitra Vishwanath and the Rainwater Club’s water-management solutions.

The firm has also given birth to a non-profit organisation - Biome Environmental Trust - which is at the forefront of spreading awareness about sustainable design practices in the country, making it one of the most inclusive sustainable architecture firms in Bengaluru.

3.Masons Ink Studio

Dhyaana by Masons Ink (Source: Masons Ink Studio)

Here’s another architecture firm led by females - Masons Ink Studio. It specialises in sustainability, heritage conservation and social architecture. Rosie Paul and Sridevi Changali started this design studio with the ‘three H’s’ - hands, heart and humans at the core of their design philosophy and centre all their projects with people in focus. Their aim is to make sustainable design accessible to all and reach zero carbon footprint in their projects backed by intensive research.

Masons and every other individual involved in shaping our built form with their own hands are highly valued as Masons Ink. Their projects consist mainly of residences and cultural spaces, making it a perfect place to work and gain experience for anyone interested in sustainable residential design.

4. Stapati Bengaluru

Corporate Office for Team Thai, Kozhikode (Source: ArchDaily)

Stapati is an architecture practice established by Tony Joseph with offices in Bengaluru, Kochi and Calicut. Innovation, a sensitive understanding of the context and regionalism lie at the core of Stapati’s design philosophy. As a multidisciplinary architecture firm, it provides solutions that are relevant to the times we live in and economically feasible. Their portfolio houses a vast range of projects - from master planning to interior design.

Hospitality projects by Stapati, however, have left quite the impression and won several awards for the firm. If your interest lies in the design and regional interpretation of hospitality spaces, this might just be the right place for you!

5. Jaisim-Fountainhead

Light and Life Academy, Ooty (Source: Jaisim-Fountainhead)

One of the oldest architecture firms in India known for sustainability, Jaisim-Fountainhead was founded by Krishnarao Jaisim. For him, the practice of architecture is a calling to find meaning in life. This reflects in the firms’ projects as well, which have found a place in almost every aspect of the building industry over the last five decades. Despite undertaking projects in large volumes, the firm doesn’t compromise on the principles of sustainability and adhere’s to the founder’s trademark style - iconoclastic, individualistic and eco-friendly.

Working at this sustainable architecture firm in Bengaluru can give young professionals a great opportunity to interact and get mentored by K. Jaisim, who has witnessed the transition of the AEC industry from the era of manual drafting to new-age technologies like CAD, BIM and computational design and help them realise their larger career goals as an architect.

6. Morphogenesis Bengaluru

YWCA Campus in Delhi (Source: ArchDaily)

Founded by Sonaly and Manit Rastogi, Morphogenesis Bengaluru, similar to its counterparts in New Delhi and Mumbai, has sustainability at its core. With their copy-righted design process - the SOUL- they aim to provide sustainable, optimised, unique and livable spaces to all their clients. They also take the process of sustainable building design a step further by employing cutting-edge tools and technologies like BIM (coupled with other BIM software and tools for green building design).

Morphogenesis makes an appearance in almost every list of inspiring architecture firms in India and rightfully so! It is the only firm on the WA100 list that has successfully managed to close the gender pay gap and propagate ethical practices in the workplace.

7. Mistry Architects

a tex-mex restaurant in Bengaluru (Source: Mistry Architects)

Mistry Architects is one of the most celebrated sustainable architecture firms in Bengaluru for the simple reason that it adopted the principles of environmental design long before other firms moved in that direction. They believe that rather than a business, architecture is a process that brings meaning to life and allows living beings to live in harmony with nature. They wish to achieve sustainability not just in architecture but also education. Their motto of ‘learning, sharing and growing’ can be seen in their practice, relationships with clients and associates and also discourses with students of architecture.

They have received numerous awards for their projects that showcase their efforts in regard to the future of the earth. Their projects range from residential, public and conservation typologies to even competition entries.

8. Mindspace Architects

Titan Integrity Campus, Bengaluru (Source: ArchDaily)

Founded by Sanjay Mohe, Vasuki Prakash and Suryanarayanan in 2004, Mindspace Architects is a renowned sustainable architecture firm in Bengaluru that explores building materials beyond their ‘materiality’. Light and the five elements of nature are equally regarded as building materials. Their projects have an air of simplicity and modesty with the stories of the clients’ lives weaved into every brick.

Their efforts in all their projects are towards maintaining cooler internal conditions by applying passive design strategies like integration of buffer spaces, increased airflow by adjusting the location of the openings and abiding by all other principles of climate responsive architecture.

Here are a few more sustainable architecture firms in Bengaluru that are worth mentioning.



Earth Soul

Kham Design

Tropical Responses

Sustainable architecture is an increasingly growing skill and specialisation (and a popular architecture trend), which means there is high scope for building a career in this interdisciplinary and in-demand field.

So, if you have already decided to embark on this path, congratulations! And if you haven’t, that’s okay too. You can also play a vital role in designing for the environment by specialising in technical skills like computational design or BIM (Building Information Modelling) that aid the development of sustainable building design.

For more insights on architecture careers and industry trends, head to our Resources. Wish to upskill? Check out various industry-relevant courses and upskill with Oneistox!

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