10 Sustainable Architecture Firms In Chennai For Your First Step Into Architecture Career (2022)

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October 06

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Sustainable design and construction can be done in numerous ways and these sustainable architecture firms in Chennai have shown us how. Most, if not all, respect the site and respond to it through local materials and craftsmanship, as well as design strategies that fit the site. They learn from the traditional ways on how to create sustainable architecture and incorporate modern techniques for more efficient buildings.

The list below contains some of the best sustainable architecture firms in Chennai with a great reputation in the field. So if sustainable architecture interests you, read till the end!

10 Best Sustainable Architecture Firms in Chennai

1. Benny Kuriakose & Associates

Dakshinachitra Museum by Benny Kuriakose (Source: https://www.bennykuriakose.com/)

Benny Kuriakose & Associates is undoubtedly one of the most prominent sustainable architecture firms in Chennai and the rest of the Indian subcontinent as well. Established in 1991, the firm is an architecture and conservation consultancy firm with a focused approach to sustainability. Understanding that sustainability does not mean being ‘green’, it considers all aspects of sustainability – social, economic, and environmental – for a truly sustainable design.

Notable Project: Dakshinachitra, built in 1996, is a living heritage museum telling stories of regional architecture through craft, art and living spaces. Contemporary and traditional concepts blend together to create a design that makes use of daylighting and natural ventilation.

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2. Midori Architects

Aeon House (Source: https://www.midoriarchitects.com/)

Midori Architects is one of the relatively new sustainable architecture firms in Chennai, having founded in 2015. Nevertheless, the firm has been making waves for its sustainable designs. Led by Suraksha Acharya, the design approach is to explore thermally comfortable spaces while being energy efficient, reducing negative environmental impact and serving the community. The construction industry is known for its high energy usage and carbon emissions, prompting Midori Architects to create designs that can cover their energy needs to reduce damage to the environment and protect natural resources.

Notable Project: This Villa by the Bay is all about comfort, privacy and elegance. It provides a great view of the ocean while taking advantage of the abundant sunlight. The design is a response to the local landscape and climate that will make one take immediate notice of the charming surroundings.

3. Green Evolution

Hand in Hand Academy for Social Entrepreneurship (Source: http://greenevolution.in/index.html)

Green Evolution is one of the most prominent sustainable architectural firms in Chennai. Founded by Anupama Mohanram and Jaideep Vivekanand, it is committed to the users (clients) and the environment. It is not enough just to understand that buildings are one of the world’s largest energy consumers, which also makes them a major cause of carbon emission. Green Evolution has taken the necessary steps to design buildings and communities through sustainable passive strategies to ensure the design exists in harmony with the natural environment. Their design philosophy is straightforward: SEARCH (Sustainable Excellence through ARCHitecture). To make this work, the design scope covers understanding the users’ needs, the site’s ecology and active and passive design techniques applicable to the site.

Notable Project: The campus for Hand in Hand India was designed to be earth-friendly. It is environmentally sustainable and yet rich in heritage. Balconies, a central courtyard and many landscaped yards provide natural ventilation and a visual connection to the outdoors. Walls were constructed with exposed hollow clay blocks, a sustainable construction material, for cost-effective construction.

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4. PSP Design

B-SUITES Development (Source: http://www.pspdesign.in/)

PSP Design is one of the most multidisciplinary sustainable architecture firms in Chennai. They create solutions that are highly functional and sustainable. They specialise in residential, commercial and institutional project design. Their design approach is to create efficient buildings that minimise negative environmental impact. Much of the design process is influenced by the site context, all based on on-site analysis, but the firm also keeps up with the international trends that are proven functional.

Notable project: B-Suites is a large residence for a single family in the suburbs of Chennai. For this project, not only did it need to be sustainable but also reflect the culture and uniqueness of this multigenerational family. Passive design strategies such as orientation for minimal exposure to sunlight, deep corridors and other climatic responses for an overall sustainable design. Undoubtedly, PSP Design is setting a new standard for sustainable architecture firms in Chennai.

5. Murali Architects

The Tree Hugger project (Source: http://www.muraliarchitects.com/)

Led by Ar.Murali Murugan, Murali Architects is considered one of the innovative sustainable architecture firms in Chennai and the larger state of Tamil Nadu. Committed to a qualitative architecture that is based on research and development, this firm has explored design methodologies and solutions that respond to the context and spatial experience. Their range of works spans from office and commercial spaces to institutional and residential spaces, which have been designed as a mix of both traditional and contemporary architectures. Furthermore, Murali Architects also provides project management services, further ensuring that all project stages are handled sustainably.

Notable project: The Tree Hugger, built in 2013, is an exceptional design that endeavoured to reduce environmental impact on the site as much as possible, as such that the design weaved around the existing trees on site. As a result, no trees were removed. The house also has a series of double and triple heights spaces that allows light and natural ventilation to happen for cheerful and comfortable living.

6. Webe Design lab

The rustic Tut House (Source: https://webedesignlab.com/?hello)

With a vision to “create harmony between human life and the environment through inclusive design practices”, nine friends came together to establish the Webe Design Lab. Creative, participatory, contextual, responsible and efficient are their core design elements of this sustainable architecture firm in Chennai. They believe in practising empathy and storytelling for a successful design. To expand on this, a project begins with a collective creation and decision-making from all project participants, from architects and clients to craftsmen and technicians. And through analysis and development, a contextually responsive design that is efficient and responsible in terms of energy, ecology, wellness and culture is produced.

Notable Project: At first glance, the Tut House is a house of contrast. The exteriors are rustic and the interiors sleek with a clear definition of the outside and the insides. Courtyards, broken into 3 throughout the building, are a central part of the design; the front courtyard where the morning sun shines through sees most activities in the morning. Meanwhile, the central courtyard is for the hot afternoons and evenings as it invites in indirect sunlight. The rear courtyard however is a secluded and private space.

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7. Urban Design Collaborative

The House of No Bricks by UDC (Source: https://www.urbandesigncollaborative.in/)

A dynamic and young architecture firm, Urban Design Collaborative (UDC) was founded by Ar. Nirmal S John Britto in Coimbatore. It is a sustainable architecture firm that provides design solutions from interiors to the urban level. Passive design strategies are given a focus on sustainability and in every project of UDC, it is clear that sustainable design approaches are at the centre of the design process, even if the firm doesn’t make a show about delving into sustainability.

Notable Project: At the centre of the House of No Bricks is a green space around which all spaces are organised. The courtyard, water features and landscaping helps reduce the internal temperature. The house was built with Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panels for both walls and roof (hence the name) which further slowed down the temperature built up inside. UDC is definitely one of the most innovative sustainable architecture firms in Chennai!

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8. ED+ Architecture

Master bedroom in Re-Use House by ED+ Architecture (Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.in/)

ED+ Architecture describes their work as responsible architecture, one that is sensitive to the site context and user experience. The founding architects believe that a good design must reflect social, climatic and environmental contexts; only then will a design be responsive and sustainable. Many of their projects incorporate local materials and partnerships of local labour and craftsmen to reduce the carbon footprint. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most ethical sustainable architecture firms in Chennai.

Notable Project: The fittingly named Re-Use Home in Chennai is a good example of using local materials, and reusing salvaged materials for a design that supports a circular economy. Salvaged bricks and pipes may not be called sustainable construction materials, but when reused, the carbon footprint is reduced. These materials aren’t the only ones used – wooden logs and even fabric scraps are recycled.


The centre court in the Court House (Source: https://www.archdaily.com/)

MOAD (Madras Office for Architects and Designers) is a multidisciplinary architecture firm in Chennai that offers an array of services in architectural and interior design, urban design, master planning, set design and graphic design. Every design solution devised is unique to the context, user and local material availability. Using the locally available materials and skills brings a social and cultural connection to the site and community. MOAD believes that a design needs to be sensitive and respond accordingly, and one way of responding to the site is to use local resources.

Notable Project: The Court House was built using salvaged materials from demolished old houses that the architects chanced upon while working on another project. The Court House is a reflection of an ancestral home, one that carries the values and charm of a traditional house.


White walls and dark furniture (Source: https://www.designpataki.com/)

Ceebros Designworks is an interdisciplinary architectural design firm founded in 2013 by Sruthi C Reddy. They are one of the most celebrated sustainable architecture firms in Chennai and they focus on creating a functional space that blurs the boundaries between nature and the building. This practice is a result of reaching for harmony with the spaces and the environment. The portfolio is diverse - from private residences to large-scale hospitality projects. As much as nature, the design inspiration for many projects also comes from the historical and cultural heritage combined with contemporary influences.

Notable Project: From something old to something new as if by magic, a modest family house in Chennai was turned into a magnificent beach house. The house is surrounded by lush greenery for both shade and beauty.

Many of these sustainable architecture firms in Chennai focus on using local materials and craftsmanship as well as a contextually responsive design. The reason is simple; it is from our culture and environment that we learn many valuable lessons – how to take advantage of the sun and the wind, how to use trees without damaging the site etc. These methods are simple and yet effective thereby making sustainable design an easy target.

These sustainable architecture firms are the places to work and learn if you want to pursue a career in this niche. How about choosing such design firms for an internship?

If you want to find out more about sustainable architecture across India, keep an eye out for our blogs on our Resources page.

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