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August 31

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With 3000+ Learners and 150+ Mentors, we have grown 40 times in the past year since the inception of Oneistox. We live and breathe design learning and strive for each and every workshop to be of top-notch quality. We can only achieve this by putting an extreme amount of resources into creating it. Crediting an average rating of 4.7/5 are our workshops that go through 10 steps of value measures with each process intricately woven by the knowledgeable hands of our mentors and well-designed machinery, which is Oneistox. Read us spill the beans as we lay our workshops processes bare and dismantled.

1. We learn the learners.

Are you a designer? We are all about knowing you.

It is only after extensive research on learner needs and aspirations that we dive into fulfilling those with teaching material. Catering to different learning styles we understand the learners need to learn in their preferred way. Hence, we provide a good mix of videos, articles, examples, theories and practical ‘hands-on’ approach. What do you need as a designer? We ask this question at every step to reinstate our focus on the only thing that matters- ‘you’. Validating our claim are 200 repeated learners in the past one year.

Having attended 2 workshops, it's safe to say that I keep coming back to Oneistox for more. The experience has been truly wholesome, with a ton of valuable inputs that I follow to get better and better at college. The themes of some of these workshops are also simple, though unique - something that we college students really need today. The fact that you all cater to such a wide range of students and design professionals is admirable.

2. We collaborate with the best.

With more than 150 mentors in our network, we focus on strategizing an approach based on a deep understanding of learning and teaching methodologies. One way we ensure the quality of workshops is through meticulous profiling and screening of mentors. Our group of mentors is an eclectic bunch as it is and is further diversified to achieve a well-balanced energy vs experience graph.

Our young mentors like Ar. Gaurav Shorey and Ar. Aman Jain, creates an atmosphere of approachability and belongingness, while the experienced ones, like Mrs. Heena Handa and Ar. Ankon Mitra impart wisdom through real-world experiences. Selected on the grounds of global exposure, each mentor is further shortlisted based on the knowledge of the subject, communication skills, learner engagement and practice. Constant back-and-forth rendezvous with mentors are put in place to establish compatibility aligned with our values. Multiple guidelines and training sessions for learner engagement are put in place for mentors and our team alike.

Really wish I had access to something like this back when I started college but I'm glad you guys are taking this initiative to bring to the table specialised and relevant topics taught by experienced mentors.

3. We create our own standards.

Pioneering alternate design learning brings about a challenge of methodizing informal education.

We work extensively to find the best way to structure our workshops, so that learning becomes easy and engaging for you. We approach designing while making, to provide hands-on exposure for ‘indoorsy’ studio-habitual you. Our favourite ’12-minutes rule’ caters to the short attention span of our generation. There are certain topics that are completely timeless. We want you to get a grasp of what is important to know in that topic- what it is that you need to know to use it practically as a designer at present. So, we stitch important content together to form a perfect narrative for your learning. Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot of time as each topic must blend in strategically with the next. Deciding the topic name itself takes a vast amount of time to get just right.

Each workshop is a by-product of a joint effort of aound120 hours by our team and 30 hours of mentors' sweat and blood, collectively boasting 20K+ hours of learning up till now. From workshop curriculum, learner activities, design challenges, pre-workshop readings to many other gazillion tasks, we prepare a checklist of checklists, having checklists covering all possible minute details and striking them across one by one to leave no stones unturned.

I admire the intricacy of the details that are taught and the quality of the workshops that is maintained throughout.

- Palash Bhatia

4. We support each other.

Focusing on peer-to-peer learning, we prepare an overall structure of the workshop making it more interactive, collaborative and fun, all the while instilling inquisitiveness and self-exploration. Adding a cherry on top to our motto ‘United by learning’ are carefully curated interactive group activities.

I got a chance to socialize and discuss ideas with people from similar backgrounds and also made a few friends. Moreover, following the workshop, our mentor, Ar. Monish Siripurapu of Ant studio took me under his wing as an intern.

5. We encourage innovation.

With an accepting attitude towards unconventional radical ideas, we push for creativity and innovation, through refining whimsical concepts and taking imagination beyond average explicability. The realm of design being multidisciplinary forms a web of interdependency for innovation. We try to fill the voids in the web, threading different designers amidst geographical, age and cultural differences to form stronger and more knowledgeable encompassing communities.

It's so amazing and cool that you guys have been doing around that I feel a bit sad for my seniors to not have these opportunities in their time!

- Shivam Rawat

6. We provide direction.

With 100+ Workshops and 70+ Knowledge and Industry Partners, we have explored many niches in design learning that remain unheard of, all the while making you aware of your choices in both education and professional fields. Moreover, with multiple skills and acquired overall knowledge of most design niches, flexibility and adaptability in your workspace become valuable assets.

Learning from mentors coming from all over India with so much experience in different directions is a great opportunity for students like me who wish to explore the field more and more with different perspectives.

7. We brace ourselves for everything.

Being true believers of Murphy’s Law, we put forth multiple contingency plans in place. Shying away from undesirable spontaneity, we rerun, retest and rehearse everything that reaches you from course materials, mentor interaction to teaching interface (online-offline)

From catering to your needs to resolving your conflicts, we deal with care, all possible impromptu issues that may arise.

I came across some really talented individuals from various spheres of life. How Oneistox brought everyone together, arranged from templates and stationery, took care of lunch and snacks is commendable. Their efforts have been visible thoroughly. Their attention to details, like preparing the handbook and the sketchbook is lovely. Such an enthusiastic bunch! Looking forward to getting engaged with them again!

8. We are forever on our toes.

Each and every one of us, involved in the process, do it out of our love for design and learning. We bring all our learnings from all the mistakes and all the challenges to reflect on each workshop we curate next. Our meticulous on-going processes allows us to realize our ambition slowly as we start with a big picture overview of what we want to create and then slowly get deeper into the fine lines and minute details. With 3 to 4 months of curating a workshop and another for it to reach you, we are also handling logistics and preparing post-workshop learning materials throughout the under-way workshop.

My journey with ONEISTOX to date has been a tremendous mix of new ventures, be it learning new skills, winning or losing competitions, meeting new people and making new friends! I've learnt so much from them in 3 weeks that my 3 years of college life hasn't taught me ever.

Almost after a year of work, we have released insightful and useful workshops that can have an impact on how you design for the rest of your life. To create a positive impact on your design skills and the world, we put our minds and our hearts to curate the best design workshops in India that you can find.

Don’t believe just words. Check out our workshop page for yourself and then try calling them run-of-the-mill. We dare you!

We do what we do because in knowing we did design learning right, we can absolutely change the world! Do you want to be at the forefront of driving change? Hop on board!

P.S.- A special note to all the other workshop organisers...This is how it's done! (mic drop)

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arunima kalra

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