Top Architecture Firms Leading the Way for BIM Technology in India

Sanjana Aggarwal

Writer at Oneistox

June 02

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BIM technology is easily one of the most promising skills to learn for architecture students and graduates. Even though India has been slow in completely switching to BIM for architectural projects, it is widely accepted that adopting the technology will make building processes faster and more efficient.

As more and more architecture firms start to adopt BIM technology, it is important for young architects to start familiarising themselves with software tools such as Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, and more. It will definitely increase your chances of getting hired!

In fact, knowledge of Revit is a mandatory skill required by some of the top firms in India. Here's a list of some of the best firms from India that use BIM modelling for their projects.

1. Ashok B. Lall Architects

Known for his commitment to sustainable architecture, Ashok B. Lall is one of the oldest architects in India today. And yet, he does not shy away from turning to new technologies that help make his design process more efficient and rewarding! His solution-oriented approach to every project makes his firm a great place for young architects to learn and grow.


Strong Revit skills are a non-negotiable for anyone looking to join Vir Mueller Architects. The firm is famous for its integration of material and craftsmanship in each design. Their work ranges from residential to institutional to commercial, but each project is richly detailed and well-thought out, true to the firm’s philosophy.

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Biome is a highly sought-after firm by all architects interested in low-impact ecological designs. With its varied portfolio, and unwavering commitment to giving the best solutions for the client as well as the earth, this is one firm that will settle for nothing but the best!

When looking for new architects to join their team, they prefer good experience with Revit software, either academically or in practice.

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C.P. Kukreja has created some of the most iconic buildings around the globe. Their integrated approach to building design gives them their edge, and it is one of the best places to expand your knowledge in the process of construction and design. Employing BIM technology helps them efficiently deliver services ranging from architecture and urban design to project management.

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Popular for its large-scale projects and diverse portfolio, Morphogenesis has established its expertise in the Indian architectural landscape. They began implementing BIM in order to reduce their dependence on CAD for complicated projects, and Revit helps make life easier! The scale and volume of their projects requires an efficient system, and they have found that Revit software does the trick!

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If you haven’t learned this useful software already, look for online Revit courses that will help strengthen your portfolio for future applications. Keep an eye out on Oneistox for online courses on BIM softwares, coming soon!

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