7 Best Places to Work as a UI/UX Designer in India

Shriya Goyal

Writer at Oneistox

February 07

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We have all heard conversations about UI/UX design and wondered what the hype is all about. It is one of those fields that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. There’s still a lot of confusion as to what value it brings to the design field. UI/UX design is used to develop user experiences and user interfaces – how a user engages with a website, application, software, or marketing platform. Increasingly becoming a critical element for the overall development of the business competitive strength, product development and customer strategy, UI/UX design companies are constantly in demand to handle and execute various kinds of projects.

As the industry is expanding, the need for UI/UX professionals has radically increased. Though you can work freelance, there are a lot of design firms that specialise in UI/UX design and are always on the lookout to recruit experienced and skilled professionals.

India has some of the best UI/UX design companies. Here we present a list of the top UI/UX design firms in India where you can let your creativity flow, work for multinational companies and explore your potential.

1. YUJ Designs (Pune)

Tata EV mobile application by YUJ Designs - Winner of Red Dot Awards 2020 (Source)

YUJ Designs is one of the India-based UX design studios focused on helping brands evolve, innovate and add creativity in the most user-friendly ways. With more than 12 years in the industry, they have worked on innumerable design projects like applications for Eureka Forbes, Tata Motors and earned a spot in the top global agencies. With an environment of growth and development, they are a team of 200 plus design consultants keen on increasing their workforce in times to come. Incorporating a human-centred approach to virtual experiences, YUJ Designs is growing with its new-age ideals.

(LinkedIn - YUJ Designs)

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2. LollyPop Design Studio (Bengaluru)

Vi App by Lollypop Design Studio (Source)

A UI/UX design agency with centres in USA, India, UAE and Vietnam, Lollypop Design Studio combines design with technology and builds digital experiences. With an experience of 8 years and a team of 150 plus people, they specialise across all platforms like mobile, websites, online tools and software. With a research-driven approach, they map emotions and science to derive functional and aesthetic products. Working with clients like Burger King, PS Group, the company provides a great work culture and exposure.

(LinkedIn - Lollypop Design Studio)

3. Divami Design Labs (Hyderabad)

Airtel telecom services mobile app by Divami Design Labs (Source)

Divami Design Labs is a design agency committed to offering development services for web, desktop, and mobile apps, SaaS and cloud platforms, and enterprise software. Holding an experience of more than 10 years, they have worked with several startups and enterprises like Airtel, INCX to build conscious designs with a human touch. With a team of 50 plus professionals, they welcome new minds with an enthusiastic and encouraging environment to join their club.

(LinkedIn - Divami Design Labs)

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4. Netbramha Studios (Bengaluru)

Monest mobile and web app by Netbramha Studios (Source)

Transforming ideas into a synergy of usability, creativity and art, Netbramha Studios is responsible for developing designer products for several Fortune 500 companies and startups. Experimenting with their strategy and design practice they have experience across distinct domains with products like mobile apps for EMAAR and Monest. Their friendly and supportive team is keen on hiring professionals from different backgrounds and enhancing their workforce with diverse creative heads.


5. Onething Design (Gurgaon)

PVR ticket booking app by Onething Design (Source)

With a diverse portfolio of new-age tech to traditional giants, Onething Design is a performance-driven UI/UX studio that caters for building UX strategy and designing solutions to create revenue streams for businesses and improve the way of life for users. With clients like Tata and PVR, they aim at enhancing user experience that impacts metrics for companies and delivers value to users.

(LinkedIn - Onething Design)

6. GoProtoz (Bengaluru)

HermesGo delivery platform by GoProtoz (Source)

GoProtoz specialises in UX Research, UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, UX Audit for web, and mobile apps for developing an enhanced user experience. Creating game-changing products and invoking a sense of satisfaction in users, they go beyond boundaries to know the client, their business, imagine the end user’s persona, and work on these lines to make a product happen. Working on designs for companies like Nissan and Kognitive, they provide an easy-going and learning atmosphere.

(LinkedIn - GoProtoz)

7. f1Studioz (Bengaluru)

upGrad application by F1Studioz (Source)

f1Studioz is a product design and strategy firm that aids clients to understand the business needs and user emotions. With their design expertise, they increase engagement, elevate the brand presence and improve conversions. A combination of highly qualified professionals, their team has worked with large companies like Oracle, Cordys and Microsoft and has been awarded as the best UI/UX design agency on more than one occasion.

(LinkedIn - f1Studioz)

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India is rapidly becoming a technology-driven country with a remarkable visual presence. Home to a lot more UI/UX design companies, the digitisation and need to connect with users through virtual portals has increased the scope of this field in India immensely. This list showcases the top UI/UX design companies in India with significant experience and notable clients.

If you are looking at UI/UX design as a career option, do not fret! India has a lot of scope for growth and you might just end up working in one of the best UI/UX design companies in the country!

Stay tuned for career insights on the Learning Hub and the upcoming UI/UX design course by Oneistox!

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