Witness The Impressive Learning Curve of Oneistox Students During Rhino 101 Course

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June 02

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“What are the results of the Oneistox Rhino & Grasshopper 101 course? What all is covered during the Rhino 3D course? What were the outcomes of the previous batches? Is this recommended for me? Does it add to my portfolio?”

Do these questions pop in your mind too when you hear about the Oneistox’s Rhino and Grasshopper 101 course?

Answer all your questions by witnessing the incredible growth of Oneistox learners, going from knowing nothing about Rhino software to modelling incredibly complex geometries within a span of a few weeks!

The best investment you can make is in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

- -Warren Buffet

As the second batch of the Rhino + Grasshopper 101 Course culminates soon, Oneistox is proud of their valued cohort of attendees from across the world, who have successfully mastered the software!

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From Nil to Skilled: A Stunning Rate of Learner Growth

During a survey conducted before the start of the course, learners put forth points like:

“I have no experience in parametric or computation design..”

“I currently don’t have any experience working with the grasshopper tool..”

“It’s difficult for me to think and create the logic for a goal I already have in mind (in grasshopper).”

Well, take a look at their work now!

Project by Ayya Permatasari from the UK; Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 101 | Mar 21’ Cohort

Without any prior knowledge, within 13 weeks of this structured course under the guidance of industry expert Ar. Kanwaljeet Singh, the attendees have reached an expert level of proficiency.

They have mastered maximum aspects of the vast software Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper, the plug-ins, tools, logic building, and exploration of endless design possibilities such as parametricism using the acquired skill.

Ranging from Serbia to Saudi Arabia, from first-year undergraduate students to expert professionals, the attendees form a wide spectrum in the field of design. The three batches of the Rhino + Grasshopper 101 course have seen learners from 20 different countries across the globe!

As we go over the learner projects created during the course, we are happy to see hints of individuality, culture and experience that the globally-diverse cohort at different stages of their design careers have to offer.

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Urban Leaf: Project by Alab Adviento from Philippines; Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 101 | Mar 21’ Cohort

Project by Parykhan from Iraq, Nandita Kumar and Aditi Agnihotri, India; Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 101 | Jan 21’ Cohort

Project by Tala Zabian from Jordan; Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 101 | Jan 21’ Cohort

How did Oneistox Help the Learners Get Here?

A key quality that sets Oneistox apart from other online learning platforms is their laser-sharp focus on design education and building design careers.

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Oneistox ensures 100% guidance, providing personalized attention with a limited number of students per batch and one-on-one mentorship by leading industry experts. For us, each learner is valuable with their own set of unique requirements, which the course team fulfills every step of the way.

The Rhino+Grasshopper 101 course is a complete package; with resource guides, recorded lessons, cheat sheets, quizzes, activities, interactive sessions and personalized experience with an interactive human touch: everything a learner could ask for!

Still from a Rhino + Grasshopper 101 live session

“Nothing compares to the hands-on learning experience Oneistox is offering. They broke it down into easy-to-digest concepts, tips, tricks and exercises to do so that everything is applicable.”

Learner Ayya Permatasari | Mar ‘21 Cohort

“Thanks to this course, I learned not only about the tools but also concepts behind using them. I loved how it is interactive during the live sessions and the offline sessions. It challenges me to practice more Rhino designs. The Oneistox team is supportive, and always ready to help. What I enjoyed most about the course is connecting with my batchmates, across the world. It is interesting to see how designers from different cultures and backgrounds use this tool to explore their projects. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Rhino software and Grasshopper.”

Marilou Kreidy, Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 101 | Jan 21’ Cohort

Project by Bhavay Malhotra, India; Rhino and Grasshopper 101 | Mar 21’ Cohort

What do the Learners Walk Away With?

You mean, apart from a coveted software skill? ;)

The two anchor projects built during the span of the course, under constant guidance and crit sessions, are works of impeccable quality that can be added to their portfolios. The course also grants a Certificate of Participation recognized by Oneistox and the Industry Mentor on successful completion of the course, a valuable addition to their CVs and LinkedIn Profiles.

Project by Christina Kim, South Korea; Rhino and Grasshopper 101 | Mar 21’ Cohort

With the exceptional learning curve seen in the Rhino 101 course, Oneistox is well on their way to fulfilling their mission of upskilling 120M+ designers- globally. Here is how Oneistox is fixing the shortage of skilled professionals in the AEC industry.

If you want to be a part of this revolution, or simply work on fascinating designs using Rhino 3D Modelling, enrol for the Rhino+Grasshopper 101 course today!

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