5 Best Online Architecture and Design Course Platforms in 2021

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April 06

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Design as a profession seems fun and creative but in actuality, the competition and pressure of the field is sky high. We, as architects and designers, are constantly overwhelmed by the need to be "unique" or having that ‘x-factor’ in us. But, the thing to focus on is not being special, rather being the best version of yourself.

To that end, online architecture courses help you stay on top of your design game! Read on to find a list of the best online architecture and design course platforms where you can upskill yourself today.

2020 and 2021 have been quite the years for all of us, both personally and professionally. The pandemic caused a collapse in the global economy, and the resulting lack of employment have created crucial hindrances to our careers. The world has seen a shift towards hiring of a limited number of employees who are not just well-versed with their work, but can also be assigned allied projects- and this is especially true of smaller firms in the architecture and design industry. Slowly but surely, these events have accelerated the phenomenon of hiring multidisciplinary and multi-skilled design professionals.

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These pandemic years have also allowed us pause to think about our future endeavors. For some of us fortunate enough to have stuck to our jobs, it has brought the questions of professional happiness and job satisfaction to the forefront. So whether you’re looking for a new job or if your work has you feeling demotivated and stuck, this might be the right time to open up options to begin the process of your design upskilling.

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The education technology revolution has brought top-notch online architecture courses, and allied online design courses within our easy reach. While sitting at home, you can upgrade your skills (upskill!) in a multitude of areas without any hassle. From software tools, career development courses, or even design-thinking workshops, the world of learning is right at your fingertips!

So together, let’s make 2021 a year full of career growth. The following are the best online architecture and design course platforms out there, each offering their own set of benefits in ensuring quality upskilling:


1. Udemy


One of the largest online-learning platforms out there, US based Udemy is well-known for its online architecture and design courses, though it caters to many more fields. From web and game design to interiors and design thinking, the possibilities of learning are vast at Udemy. The platform offers lifetime access to the courses, and the price ranges vary depending on the length and depth of the course.

The online architecture courses offered tend to teach software skills- like this exciting course on Architectural Design and Animation in Blender! Other design courses include: Become a Professional Graphic Designer, Become a Logo Designer, How to Become a Shoe Designer, 3ds Max, Vray, and many more.

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2. Domestika


Domestika is a platform designed for creatives to learn new skills and explore their hobbies. Though not wholly career-oriented, it offers numerous online design courses catering to different passions and interests. From animation to photography, this site is perfect for every experimental designer!

For budding architects, Domestika has courses like Digital Illustration for Architectural Projects, and software-oriented sessions on Revit, Sketchup, VRay, and more. The design courses offered in domestika are along the lines of Illustration, Marketing and business, Photography, Design, Animation, Architecture, and Typography.

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3. LinkedIn Learning


Most of us are already aware of LinkedIn as a business and online employment site, but rarely do we talk about its learning platform. LinkedIn Learning is now a behemoth in the education technology industry, helpfully merging with its career-development platform to create opportunities for professionals globally.

LinkedIn Learning divides its offerings into three categories: Business, Creative, and Technology. Within the Creative category, it offers online architecture courses in Architectural Design, BIM, 3D Modeling, and more. The plethora of design courses available include Industrial Design Foundation, Responsive Design, Lumion Essential Training, etcetera. This platform even provides training in soft skills development courses like time management and leadership skills that will benefit you in managing your work.

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4. Skillshare


Similar to Udemy, Skillshare offers a variety of choices to opt from, offering over 20,000 courses. It is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people in the field of Business, Technology, Film Making, Design, Photography, e.t.c. These courses are not accredited, but what really matters is gaining practical knowledge, learning new skills, and expanding your horizons!

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5. Oneistox


Based in India, Oneistox is an education technology start-up solely invested in upgrading the quality of design education. With the aim to improve design careers, they deliver learning in a manner perfected to suit design needs.

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Some features specific to their model are: combination of self-paced and live learning, 100% guidance and mentor support, portfolio and career building, and access to a large network of designers.

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The possibilities of learning are endless. The only two requirements are interest, and a determination to conquer the world. So, take the first step to your designerly goals via online architecture courses, and be future-proof so that no pandemic can hamper your career!

ishika kapoor

student of architecture
Ishika Kapoor is an architecture student graduating from Thakur School of Architecture and Planning, Mumbai. She is a sucker for good thrillers and art, and believes in the motto of trying something new every day. She promotes social causes through architecture and believes that when design resonates with words, it stimulates power.

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