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Bursting the Bubble:- Possibilities and Myths around Rhino

neha sharma

Writer at Oneistox

March 20

05 mins read

Rhino (short for Rhinoceros) is a 3D Modeling software widely used in the fields of Architecture, Product, Furniture, Industrial and Jewellery Design. Developed by Robert McNeel Associates, it is an up and coming design visualisation tool that is slowly becoming a favourite of all creators.

Now ‘Rhinoceros’ can be pretty daunting for a budding designer, but

is that really the case?

Let’s find out!

The Possibilities

Truly endless! It isn’t possible to list down everything Rhino has to offer but here are some of the things you can achieve with ease using this 3D modelling software.

1. Create just about anything

It’s a plane, it’s a bird, it’s a superhuman flying robot!

With more designers getting their hands-on 3D modelling software for conceptualising, Rhino provides a seamless interface and offers features that make it possible to model anything from a ship to a pen tip. The most complex of models can be effortlessly generated, which brings the creative tribe onto a single platform, catalysing collaborative projects.

Rhino for Architecture, automobile and furniture design (Source:

2. Best Friends with other Software Formats

A common problem we face while using any software is its compatibility with other formats. Rhino is not only compatible with numerous other software formats but can act as a bridge between two incompatible ones. The graphics from Rhino can be easily imported into other CAD, rendering or CAM formats, ensuring a smooth and

uninterrupted workflow.

The more the merrier!


3. Not just 3D, 2D too!

Why just model when you can draft too? Drafting with utmost precision and meticulous details is possible with Rhino. This detail-oriented software opens avenues for industrial, product and jewellery design, where the most minute intricacies cannot be overlooked.

4. Conceptualise AND Create

Why stop at conceptualising when you can actually produce your designs? The compatibility of Rhino with Prototyping, CAM and 3D printing software opens a whole new range of possibilities for getting your virtual concepts out into the real world.

Conceptual art for 3D printing

5. Best of Both Worlds

You don’t need to have large pockets or heavy hardware to run Rhino. It is a high-value software worth the investment. In the more recent versions, you can run the application with the minimum system configurations and see your designs roll without lag.

6. You get what you see

When you make any changes in any of the values in the model, you can immediately see the change before fixing the final value. This brings greater flexibility to your designs and is a true time-saver.


How different is hearing and actually knowing something?

Here are some common misconceptions about Rhino that you need to see through.


“It is only suitable for curvilinear designs.”

The truth is that any software that can make curvy graphics can also make great straight lines. Rhino is conducive to all design styles, whether vernacular, minimalist, traditionalist, organic, or generative. You define the software, not the other way round!

“You need to be great at math to model on Rhino”

It is true that behind complex 3D models, there is complex mathematics. But that is not the concern for the designer, all thanks to Grasshopper, which is a plugin that comes along with Rhino. It closes the gap between the complex programming and graphic output of the software. However, you do need to know basic maths to be able to model in Rhino.

“Knowing Rhino means knowing Design”

Well, design is the product of the creator’s mind. Rhino is just a tool to visualise the creation as close to the real product. Knowing software is NOT equivalent to knowing design.

“Learning Rhino is a time-taking process”

Not really! Even though Rhino has a ton of options to create the most diverse set of designs, it is not difficult to learn. Investing some time in understanding the basics of how it functions makes it a breeze to model just about anything in the software

Animated Rhino Model

While one among many, Rhino is an application with a toolset and features unparalleled to any other. It is a plus for every designer to be able to use and manifest their ideas with a tool as powerful as this.

If this sounds like something you would want to learn and use in your design process, don’t refrain from upskilling yourself. Check out Oneistox’s course on Rhino + Grasshopper 101!

neha sharma

An architect by profession and an artist by nature, Neha is fascinated by all the subjects which involve art and humanism. She has a diverse set of interests; doodling, dance, photography, writing and collaborative activities which made her pursue the field of architecture and design. She believes herself to be a people person and never misses a chance to learn something new.

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