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Top 7 Online Platforms to Learn Rhino 3D Today

mausam jamwal

Writer at Oneistox

May 04

04 mins read

Do you feel that now is the right time to learn Rhino 3D, but are not sure where to begin? Worry not, we have compiled a list of online resources where you can learn from. From deep pockets to empty ones, from little guidance to sensei-level mentoring, you will find it all in this list!

1. YouTube

The first on everybody’s list, YouTube is your modern-day city library, and anything you want to learn can probably be found here. Some great channels for Rhino 3D modelling tutorials are Nick Senske, Rhino Tutorials, Gediminas Kirdeikis, among many others.

YouTube also offers the distinct advantage of being able to regurgitate a helpful video for exactly the situation that you’re stuck with or the object you want to create in Rhino. Just type in the keyword, and voila! The answer hath arrived. However, if you need guidance and motivation to keep up with the tool, you might need to go in for more specialized instruction.



3. Think Parametric


Now via LinkedIn Learning, Lynda offers great short courses like Rhino 6: Tips, Tricks and Techniques, and Grasshopper Essential Training for you to take your pick. However, as in the case of Youtube, you would need to have a broad understanding of what exactly you need to learn within Rhino to avail maximum benefit from their array of courses.

5. Udemy

Though the ed-tech giant Udemy is not specialized in design education, they have curated a slew of good courses on Rhinoceros 3D ranging from 5 to 30 hours each. Fascinating among these are the ones targeted at specific design professions, like Automotive and Jewellery Design in Rhino software.

6. Lomos Archilabs

Lomos provides short, succinct courses on Rhino and Grasshopper of 8 days each, for those looking for a brief introduction to the software. They follow the online live format, with the option of viewing recorded lectures. And if you are the old-school kind of learner, they also offer offline classes at their center!

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7. Oneistox

Work by a Oneistox Learner, Jason Ong (Source:

Specializing in professional design courses, Oneistox takes it upon themselves to teach you Rhino and Grasshopper from A-Z with complete guidance. The online upskilling platform is run by a dedicated team of architects who are deeply aware of the requirements of designers, therefore giving in-depth help in building your design career. All you must do is be willing to learn, they will take care of the rest for you.

At the end of the day, we are all individuals with different requirements and constraints. To understand which method would best suit you, feel free to talk to Oneistox about your options. And if you found the right platform here, well then, happy learning!

mausam jamwal

Mausam graduated as an Architect from SPA Delhi in 2019. A bookworm army kid who took an interest in writing, she advocates environmental and social activism through architecture, and strongly believes in the congruence of words and design to inspire thought and revolution.

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