Top 7 Places to Learn BIM (Building Information Modelling) in India

Sanjana Aggarwal

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September 06

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A growing number of top architectural firms are realising the potential of BIM to make their design process faster and more efficient, and the demand for architects with BIM certification is only expected to grow in the coming years. BIM architects can expect higher salaries and better job opportunities than their counterparts with the same level of experience.

Here’s a list of all the platforms where you can find online BIM courses as well as offline training in India, if you want to upgrade your skill set to suit the current market requirements!

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The online BIM course consists of pre-recorded video lessons that you can watch at any time. It also includes the registration to a dedicated Facebook group for any clarifications, questions or insights to be discussed with the teacher.

The course is divided into two parts: The first part of this course focuses on Autodesk Revit and consists of three packages - basic, intermediate and advanced.The second portion aims to teach everything there is to know about the creation, modification and use of families in Revit.

Through this interactive BIM certification programme, you will be guided through each of the major project stages: from the strategic definition of the project right through to handover, operations and end of use.

At each stage the trainer will demonstrate how to balance technical requirements with project management skills. However, the curriculum of this course is better suited for project managers and those seeking non-design roles. Only professionals with at least 5 years of experience in managing architectural projects are eligible to take this course.


The BIMLabs training centre in Kerala offers multiple offline courses in BIM, ranging from construction management to architectural design. The duration ranges from 240 hours to 850 hours per course, and BIMLabs also offers placement opportunities after the completion of the course.

The Graphisoft online program lasts for 10 weeks (with an expectation of 6-8 hours to be dedicated per week) and includes 3 modules: BIM Office Management, Archicad Template Creation and BIM Project Coordination.. Again, this course is more suitable for existing BIM Managers and Project Coordination rather than being tailor-made for architectural design roles.

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The ‘Drafting and Design using Revit’ course offered by Skill Iync provides tutorials on both parametric design skills and drafting standards to create error-free drawings.

The website suggests that the course is suitable for students of civil engineering in first, second, third, or final year,as well as employees in civil engineering firms who are looking to upscale in their profession.

The 60-hour long online BIM certification course focuses on teaching Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks to help you learn about BIM concepts, BIM processes, BIM workflows in the Design and Construction industry. Of the 60 hours, 35 are for theory classes and 25 are dedicated to practical application.


All the programs mentioned above taught softwares and the BIM philosophies but none taught about the processes and workflows used in the industry and how to have a career growth with BIM skills.

The BIM Professional course offered by Oneistox is an online program that will help you to master the skills and apply them in the real world. The course includes not just recorded material, but also live training, practice files, cheat sheets.. and will also allow you to practice on live industry projects!

BIM and Revit Professional Course

The course will include a 24 week online training, with an input of 5-6 hours per week. Within the 6 months, you will be understanding BIM from scratch while eventually learning about the use of BIM in the entire life cycle of a project.

The Oneistox course provides in-depth knowledge of the application of BIM techniques for architects. Apart from learning the concepts and skills that will help you upskill yourself, they also offer career guidance to get jobs at top Architecture firms around the world.

If you are a profession looking for a better career then Oneistox is the place for you.

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Sanjana is a practising architect with a curiosity for knowledge beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture. She is constantly exploring new avenues as she finds it hard to settle on just one thing at a time! Interested in all things design, she would like her design career to be an exciting multidisciplinary journey.

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