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Which are the Best Paid Design Professions in India (2021)?

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May 15

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If you’re just starting out in the design field, or if you’re looking to upskill via online design courses and wondering what the best investment would be, we’ve put together a list of the best paid design professions in India.

Curated with the help of PayScale, it takes the average salary across the profession in the country. Thus, it’s important to keep in mind that these scales vary with the type of company, their location, workforce demand, and your experience.

Starting from #07, stick around to find the highest-paid design professions in India towards the end!

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07. Game Design

Though you may often finish first as a gamer in a race, a game designer was the last to make the cut to this list. In India, they make an average base salary of about Rs. 6L annually, but it depends vastly on your capabilities, skills, and experience. Gaming design is still a niche field in India with limited job availability, but this is a skill that has high potential to lend a lot of opportunities globally.

Fun fact: Larger game design companies may come with a gaming room for its employees!

Graphic showing average pay scale of a game designer

06. Industrial Designer

Industrial Designers are responsible for the mass production of goods, requiring some essential characteristic skills like analytical, interpersonal, mechanical, and problem-solving. A typical professional earns an average base salary of Rs. 6L per year in this field. tells us that Industrial Designers in Chennai earn an average of 29.9% more than the national average!

Graphic showing average pay scale of a UX designer

05. UX design

UX designers bag the fifth position among the best paid design professions in India. Their average base salary lies in between Rs. 6-7L yearly, and you might be surprised to know that a brand new bee in this field can earn up to an average of Rs. 4L per year. Cities such as Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi are preferred destinations as they provide higher paychecks than Chennai or Hyderabad.

Fact time: UX Designers are paid 19.8% more in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. The city also houses Asia’s first Institute for Product Leadership with a full-stack design course! If UX Design is your thing, upskilling is easy thanks to several online design courses available (including Google’s own).

Graphic showing average pay scale of an automotive designer

04. Product Design

With an average annual salary of Rs. 6-7L, which is 66% higher than the national average, product design is the fourth-most lucrative design field in India. Bangalore and Hyderabad are preferred locations which provide higher salaries as compared to the rest of the country.

A lot of product designers have begun to explore parametricism in India, so being good at computational design tools wouldn’t go amiss!

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Graphic showing average pay scale of a product designer

03. Art Director

Art Directors are among the highest-paid design professionals with an average base salary of Rs. 6.46L, which may increase dramatically with the company. With growing digitization, there is a huge demand for art directors in almost every field as they act as mediators among writers, designers, and others.

Leading a team of many creative heads such as graphic or web designers, this field requires one to be a leader with vision, as well as an able team player.

Graphic showing average pay scale of an automotive designer

02. Automotive Design

Automotive Designers rake in an average annual salary of Rs. 6.5L. This industry requires creative minds who aspire for constant innovation. If you are proficient in form, love to prototype, and have a deep passion for automobiles, then this field is made for you! It has the capacity to richly reward its best talent in the long run.

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Graphic showing average pay scale of an automotive designer

01. Interaction Design

According to, Interaction Design is the highest-paid design field in India, a typical interaction designer earning an average base salary of Rs. 7.64L per year. Similar to UX designers, they have keen knowledge about their users, specifically in terms of how a user interacts with a product. An entry-level designer may earn a salary of Rs. 4L annually, but keep in mind that jobs in the field may be limited due to its niche nature.

Fun fact: Interaction Design professionals in Chennai seem to earn an average of 28.5% more than the national average!

Graphic showing average pay scale of an Interactive designer

The ones which didn’t make the cut but are worth a mention are fields such as Graphic Design, UI, Animation, Jewellery, Exhibition, and Architectural Design. If you’re a young architect, check out our article below on which countries pay a fresher architect the most!

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