15 Best Architecture Firms in Bangalore for Internships

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September 16

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Architecture firms in Bangalore, one of the most entrepreneur-friendly cities in India, present many job opportunities for designers to contribute to the city's architecture. The city is a cultural mix of greenery, urbanism, traditionalism and contemporary developments that have made it an appealing hub for students to come to study and work.

An internship is an important transitional step from being a student to an employee. The world of internships brings with it the factors that make a real architect, including on-site work, client and project management, and developing a good work ethic. With multiple options available in the industry, it wouldn’t hurt to be slightly picky. Considering the pros and cons of each firm can help you make an informed decision. Check out this list of architecture firms in Bangalore that might be able to help you with your internship search!

15 Best Architecture Firms in Bangalore for Internships

1. HundredHands

A look inside the HundredHands studio (Source: www.hundredhands.com)

Architect: Bijoy Ramchandran and Sunitha Kondur

Types of projects undertaken: Residential / Hospitality / Institutional / Industrial

Founded in the year 2003, HundredHands places its approach on creating contextual design solutions. The firm believes that acknowledging what already exists in the site context leads to a more sensitised design approach. Exposure to understanding technicalities and their following aesthetics makes HundredHands your go-to architecture firm in Bangalore.

2. Architecture Paradigm

MyRa Project by Architecture Paradigm (Source: http://architectureparadigm.com)

Architect: Vimal Jain, Sandeep J.and Manoj Ladhad

Types of projects undertaken: Residential / Institutional / Group Housing / Commercial / Public buildings / Interior / Industrial

With its roots dating back to 1996, Architecture Paradigm creates vibrant environments to improve the quality of life for people. Choosing this architecture firm in Bangalore for an internship is the right choice for those interested in enriching lives through appropriate architectural expressions and experiences with cues from nature.

3. Collective Project

Interiors of Brick House project Source: (https://collective-project.com)

Architects: Cyrus Patell and Eliza Higgins

Types of projects undertaken: Furniture / Interiors / Residential / Institutional

A young international design studio, Collective Project was established in 2013. It has executed a large number of innovative residential buildings. They believe in designing space and landscapes in an open and experimental manner at the firm and their carefully chosen international team provides an incredible internship experience to young architects. If you're looking to immerse yourself in culture and experimental design environments on a conceptual and detailed level, then this architecture firm in Bangalore is the place for you.

4. Biome Environmental Solutions

The Yellow Train School by Biome Environmental Solutions (Source: https://www.biome-solutions.com/)

Architects: Chitra Vishwanath

Types of projects undertaken: Residential / Educational / Mixed-use / Hospitality

Biome Environmental Solutions is a well-known architectural firm in Bangalore, led by Chitra Vishwanath, a distinguished sustainable architect in India. The team of architects, engineers and urban planners undertake design projects collaboratively with a focus on ecology, water and sustainable materials. The overall design approach is a holistic interaction of sustainability, user requirements, functionality, aesthetics and budget.

Biome Environmental Solutions is known for their green buildings that are contextually and environmentally responsive. Read more about green building from around the world here: 15 Best Green Building Projects Around the World.

5. Flying Elephant Studio

Inside Flying Elephant Studio (Source: https://www.flyingelephant.in/)

Architects: Rajesh Renganathan & Iype Chacko

Types of projects undertaken: Residential / Institutional / Industrial

Secured since 2001, Flying Elephant Studio has been one of the few Indian firms to win the International Architecture Award. It works on the bottom-up strategy, moving from detail to whole or vice-versa. Being one of the most versatile architecture firms in Bangalore, it emphasises the materiality segment, making it a strong tool for defining sensible architecture. Why not delve into a place that challenges the boundaries of architecture, landscape, urbanism and infrastructure design?

6. CnT Architects

Nitesh Buckingham Gate, Bangalore (Source: http://www.cnt.co.in/web_20150413/home_index.html)

Architects: Prem Chandavarkar & Mehul Patel

Types of projects undertaken: Residential / Institutional / Corporate / Hospitality / Industrial

CnT was founded in 1947, and it is one of the first architecture firms in Bangalore. It has maintained a value system based on good quality design while developing underlying philosophies of how to live through architecture. As an intern in an architecture firm in Bangalore, like this, you would explore spatial arrangements that facilitate habitation, as well as work with real-life designs that respond to climate, wind, topography, and vegetation. Its rich historical legacy will be an added feather to your cap.

7. Made In Earth

Rana House (Source: https://www.archdaily.com/)

Architects: Niranjana M & Agnimitra Bachi

Types of projects undertaken: College Campus / Commercial / Offices / Residencies

Made In Earth is an architecture firm in Bangalore that has been practising for a decade. The studio has a construction practice that promotes sustainable architecture, which is far less harmful to the environment. Using local materials and techniques, they create contemporary structures that are unique and environment-friendly. This would be a great opportunity to learn how to construct a simple design and gain a deeper understanding of soil potential and green buildings!

Green architecture can be called a subset of sustainable architecture, a term that is commonly broad and loosely defined. Learn what it is all about with our blog - What is Green Architecture: Everything You Should Know About its Principles and Features.

8. Mathew and Ghosh Architects

House of Stories by Mathew and Ghosh Architects (Source: https://www.archdaily.com/)

Architects: Nisha Mathew & Soumitro Ghosh

Types of projects undertaken: Residences / Memorials / Institutions / Hospitality / Education / Office / Adaptive Reuse / Urban Parks

Mathew and Ghosh, founded in 1995, has received many Indian and international awards for their ground-breaking, climate-responsive building style. This architecture firm in Bangalore uses industrial and vernacular materials for all of its design construction. Using natural light to craft spaces and maintaining a sense of lightness, while utilising bio-remedial principles are key elements that could be understood while interning here.

9. The Purple Ink Studio

Purple Ink Studio (Source:(http://thepurpleinkstudio.com/home)

Architects: Aditi Pai & Akshay Heranjal

Types of projects undertaken: Architecture / Interior / Landscape

The Purple Ink Studio is a young and experimental architecture firm in Bangalore. It was established in 2011.The firm is passionate about constantly finding unique ways of blurring the boundaries between architecture and landscape. Their nature-centric design approach produces layered and contextual experiments during the design development stage. Being part of this firm would give a great deal of insight into the threshold architecture between hardscapes and softscapes.

10. Maya Praxis Architects

MayaPraxis Studio (Source:(http://mayapraxis.com/studio/)

Architects: Dimple Mittal & Vijay Narnapatti

Types of projects undertaken: Institutional / Corporate / Commercial

MayaPraxis is a creative and collaborative practice that was established in 1997. This architecture firm in Bangalore chooses to take cues from the basic needs of a project and adds life and energy to the design. It embraces creativity through collaboration to explore all essence of the project far beyond usual functional requirements. MayaPraxis is the firm for you if you are looking for one that goes beyond the conventional design development processes.

11. Little River Architects

Deeptha & Santosh House design by Little River Architects Source: (http://www.littleriverarchitects.com)

Architect: Ceejo Cyriac

Types of projects undertaken: Offices / Residential / Convention center / Resorts

Little River Architects is a multidisciplinary architectural firm in Bangalore founded in 2002. Here, every design explores cultural and conceptual parameters anew, as the practice moves between architecture and interiors. Both cultural and natural context are important for a responsive design and Little River Architects, headed by Ceejo Cyraic, roots their design approach to this belief while maintaining a connection with the abstract in design.

12. Morphogenesis

Infosys Campus by Morphogenesis (Sources: https://www.e-architect.com/)

Architect: Manit & Sonali Rastogi

Types of projects undertaken: Commercial / Residential / Hospitality / Institutional / Houses / Master Planning / Landscaping / Interiors

Morphogenesis is an architecture firm in Bangalore. It has been in practice since 1996. The design process here emphasises comfort, safety, livability and sustainability. It is well known for many structures, most recently the Surat Diamond Bourse, which is the world’s largest single office building.This firm is a sure-shot way to get an appreciation for sustainability both as part of technology and as the basis of a design. Being technologically innovative, Morphogenesis is also one of the top firms leading the BIM adoption in India.

13. Jaisim Fountainhead

Jaisim Fountainhead Studio (Sources: http://www.jaisimfountainhead.com/home-page.html)

Architect: Mukta Srinivas

Types of projects undertaken: Residencies / Institutions / Corporate / Leisure & Wellness / Landscape / Urban Planning

Jaisim Fountainhead has been an active part of Bangalore’s architectural landscape since the year 1970. It undertakes and executes projects in a wide range of the building industry, from residences and institutes to urban planning. Committed to the earthen philosophy, the creations of the firm are individualistic, eco-friendly and iconoclastic. A firm like this would be an ideal choice for gaining a deeper understanding of construction and design concepts.

14. Collage Architecture Studio

Akriti Experience Centre (Sources: https://www.collagestudio.co.in/index.html)

Architect: Swapnil Valvatkar, Arun Kumar TD and Adwitha Suvarna

Types of projects undertaken: Residential / Group Housing / Commercial / Interiors

Collage Architecture Studio is a young and enthusiastic multidisciplinary architecture firm in Bangalore that creates contemporary designs, each with its own uniqueness and cultural interpretation. Pushing forward with this belief, the architects aim for designs that are simple yet respond to the diverse needs, including the users and environment. An internship here would be a fruitful opportunity to learn about how simple design can also be effective and innovative, as well as contextual.

15. Khosla Associate

Khosla Associates Studio (Sources: https://www.khoslaassociates.com/)

Architect: Sandeep Khosla & Amaresh Anand

Types of projects undertaken: Houses / Institutional / Leisure / Office / Retail

Khosla Associates is a leading Interior design and architecture firm in Bangalore. The firm creates its distinctive style of tropical architecture using local materials and a contemporary design sensibility. Keeping up with the latest fashion, lifestyle and design trends in the industry, the place invites more like-minded thinkers and designers to contribute to the quest for discovery. An internship here will help you familiarize with a versatile range of work and clientele in a process-driven and hands-on working environment.

Architecture firms in Bangalore, or any other part of the world, open exposure to learning a method and maintaining order, something that can simplify working methods forever! It is important to demonstrate your abilities properly and create a portfolio before applying to a firm.

Make the most of your internship by choosing the right one!

Ultimately, it is important to experience how the field works. As an architect, internships are fundamental to acquiring practical exposure and developing your own design practice and philosophy.

Why do you think internships are valuable to students? What are the benefits of migrating to different cities in engaging oneself better in a profession? Tell us in the comments below.

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